• Salvos recognise Homelessness Week with moving event at the Beacon


    REIWA attended The Salvation Army’s Homelessness Week event ‘There’s Always Something You Can Do’ on Tuesday 7 August, which celebrated those people who’ve transformed their lives through the services of The Beacon.

    Salvos’ Manager of Homelessness, Bev Wilson, said the event highlighted the lives that have been transformed through the Beacon's programs and services.

    “At the Beacon, we believe, along with our program approach to homelessness, that our point of difference is that we have a spiritual foundation.

    ”Wherever there is injustice and hardship, The Salvation Army chooses to live, love and fight alongside others so that we take the journey alongside them to transform Australia one life at a time,” she said.

    Beacon clients Mohamed G, Lynton, Tiana, Melissa L and Netta T, all told their stories of resilience, recovery and hope and thanked the Beacon and The Salvation Army for supporting them.

    Mohamed G said it was alcoholism that led him to homelessness, and he was at the point where he was very sick, but the detox program through The Salvation Army turned his life around.

    “I ended up doing this detox program and I went there and was surrounded by so many people, I just started crying because I knew I had a way out,” he said.

    “I had friends, I had relationships but you just feel like nobody loves you and I was really angry, but luckily there was people around me who helped me.”

    Karen Coetzee, Operations Coordinator at The Beacon, said the event was about honouring and acknowledging those who have fought to accomplish what they thought was impossible.

    “We heard personal stories from those who think ’I can’t do this’ or ‘how can I reach my dream, this is impossible‘ but yet they pushed through,” she said.

    Melissa and Netta T spoke of how their experience with domestic violence led to them being homeless and how the Beacon helped them find the courage to leave their ex-partners.

    Beacon resident Stephen S expressed what his impression of homelessness was through a painting he created during the event.

    “This is a street kid, not knowing if he is going to make it through the day. I wanted to keep it really dark because it’s like when we see them (homeless people) we walk past them, like we don’t really want to see them, it’s like they’re invisible,” he said.

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    Image one: Beacon resident Stephen S with his painting expressing homelessness. Image two: Everyone at the event was encouraged to write a message to each client and hang it on the wall for them to take home and read.