• REIWA welcomes the state government’s small lots policy


    Author: REIWA President Damian Collins 

    REIWA supports the Western Australia Planning Commission (WAPC)’s position statement on lots of less than 100 square metres and congratulations the department on its leadership and innovative as a means to meeting the changing needs of West Australia’s population.

    Housing on lots less than 100 square metres will provide guidance on location and development considerations for proposed subdivision and building design for lots less than 100 square metres, but larger than 80 square metres.

    Compact housing that is built on smaller blocks is well established on the east coast housing market, with the rise of interest in Western Australia showing we are ready to increase our housing diversity providing more affordable options to our changing lifestyles.

    An example of these micro-lots is already in place at Ellenbrook’s Verge Microlot Precinct with 11 two-storey townhouses, 10 which are on 80 square metre lots, which has showcased how good design can make even small lots seem bright, spacious and liveable.

    Micro-lots will be a positive introduction to the market and will receive strong demand from a range of buyers, from first home owners to seniors right-sizing. Lots under 100 square metres has a strong role to play in the delivery of affordable housing options for all West Aussies.

    In addition, the government will look to add location criteria for potential micro-lots which we believe will assist in increasing density around centres. This is essential to capitalise on existing infrastructure and amenities while utilising zones likely not suitable for apartment development.

    It is our view that this position statement will be an ideal product to be used in the delivery of METROHUBS, especially in areas with a relatively low median house price, where apartment developers will be reluctant to invest.

    We urge developers who undertake these projects to consider including sustainability features. The major draw card for lots under 100 square metres is affordability. The inclusion of solar power, solar hot water and the use of sustainable building materials that will reduce utility bills for residents, could provide an additional benefit to buyers while adding minimal costs to construction.

    Overall the real estate industry is supportive of the position statement as a way to be able to deliver an alternative form of housing currently missing from the market and also look forward to a potential inclusion into the R-Codes following adequate monitoring and review of the initial implementation.

    For more information about REIWA's advocacy efforts, visit our advocacy page.