• REIWA welcomes changes to protect children from toppling furniture


    REIWA Welcomes Changes To Protect Children From Toppling Furniture

    REIWA and its members are delighted that the Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 has been formally passed which amends the Residential Tenancies Act and allows renters to fix furniture to walls.

    REIWA President Damian Collins congratulates the government for passing this critical piece of legislation and commends them for listening to the concerns of the real estate industry to achieve a positive outcome for both tenants and landlords. 

    “We strongly believe that tenants should be able to affix furniture to the walls to increase the safety of children and infants and we have been working towards these changes for some time,” Mr Collins said. 

    “Through our collaboration with the WA Government and various stakeholder groups, REIWA is proud to have secured vital safeguards that ensure any damages incurred would be rectified or compensated for at the end of a lease and special provisions have been put in place for heritage listed properties.

    “We also raised concerns over the fixing of furniture in cases where doing so would disturb asbestos and in strata schemes where by-laws prohibit the affixing of furniture to the walls of the premises. It is pleasing to see these inclusions have been included which protect both the tenant and landlord.  

    REIWA will continue to advocate strongly for changes that benefit tenants, landlords and property managers to create a better rental market for everyone in WA.

    For more on REIWA's advocacy efforts, visit our advocacy page.   

    Find out more on the changes by reading the government's full media statement. 

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