• REIWA WAFL campaign: Kaye Maskiell talks about her career and time with the Claremont Football Club


    As proud broadcast partner of the 2017 McDonald’s WAFL Premiership Season, we launched a television campaign about grass roots football in WA. Each campaign video stars a REIWA agent, their passion for the game and their local area.

    We spoke to Kaye Maskiell, local agent and Board Member at the Claremont Football Club, to discuss her long-time involvement in WAFL and her career in WA real estate.

    Tell us about your time with the Claremont Football Club.

    In 1981, I was operating a company called Communique Word Processing and my uncle, Wal Maskiell, was President of the Claremont Football Club. They didn’t have a membership database and I offered to prepare one for them.

    In 2000, there was a vacant position on the Board and I applied to join. The CEO at the time put me through the hoops and wanted to know why on earth I would want to become a Board Member of a football club. I believed I could offer another point of view, and let’s face it, there are a lot of mothers who support their boys from Auskick through to AFL! I remained on the Board and retired in 2012, however, I was invited to re-join in 2014 and was subsequently re-elected in 2015 for another two years.

    What are your biggest highlights/achievements from your time on the Club board and being involved in WAFL?

    I would say my biggest highlight/achievement from my time on the Board, through my real estate experience, was to source a four-bedroom property in Mt Claremont so we could house our talented young indigenous footballers who came to Perth from Broome.

    This was achieved by organising a syndicate with the President and several Board Members. The house has remained a valuable property for housing our footballers and over the years, I have found accommodation for over 20 young Claremont footballers.

    Do you have any advice for others wanting to get involved with their local footy club?

    My parents were volunteers in various charities, church and sporting clubs, and I could see the rewards they achieved. Based on the enjoyment I have also achieved, I would highly recommend volunteering at your local football club, it’s like a big family.

    Why did you decide to become a real estate agent and what do you enjoy most about your role?

    Before working in real estate, I was operating a word processing agency and when computers took over I found my business workload reduced considerably. So I sold the business and joined a real estate agency in Floreat - Clifton White and Associates. I loved real estate administration and decided to study for my Triennial Licence so I could start my own agency. I subsequently did this in 1995, however, sold the business in 2006 and semi-retired due to health reasons. My health later improved and in 2010, I answered an advertisement for a licensee position at William Porteous Properties and here I am seven years later!

    What suburbs are you active in as a real estate agent?

    William Porteous Properties operates mainly in the Western Suburbs, however, the company motto is “we sell everywhere” and I do.

    What’s your favourite aspect of living in WA?

    I just love WA - I walk along our beaches three mornings a week, stay for coffee at the local cafes, play tennis at Royal Kings Park and enjoy life to the full.

    Watch Kaye’s video