• REIWA Team cycle 260km in Ride Against Domestic Violence


    The Ride Against Domestic Violence REIWA Team from L-R, Sarah Mahony, Kelly Duncan, Damian Collins and Hayden Groves.
    The Ride Against Domestic Violence REIWA Team from L-R, Sarah Mahony, Kelly Duncan, Damian Collins and Hayden Groves.

    REIWA’s team of participants in the 2021 Ride Against Domestic Violence successfully completed the 260 kilometre cycle from Busselton to Perth, which aimed to raise funds and awareness for those experiencing domestic violence in our community.  

    The charity bike ride, which started on Friday 10 September and concluded on Sunday 12 September, drew riders from a wide cross-section of Western Australian society who share the desire to combat family and domestic violence. 

    The purpose of the ride is to raise funds for refuges in WA for women and their children experiencing family and domestic violence, while also raising awareness in the community of the nature and scale of family and domestic violence and promote consideration of what changes we as community can make to combat this scourge.  

    As part of its Community REInvest program, REIWA entered a four-person team in the charity ride. The team included REIWA President and team leader Damian Collins, Councillor and Past President Hayden Groves and members Kelly Duncan and Sarah Mahony. 

    The REIWA Team raised a total of $13,000 for the cause.  

    What the REIWA Team had to say 

    REIWA President Damian Collins (Westbridge Funds Management)  

    “Anyone can be affected by or become the victim of domestic violence. With domestic violence rates steeply rising in Australia, this is an immensely important issue that needs highlighting and funding. It is a privilege to take part in this ride and to support such a great cause.”  

    Hayden Groves (dethridgeGROVES) 

    “I’m proud to have been involved in changes to residential tenancies laws to protect victims of domestic violence and to continue participation in raising awareness.”  

    Kelly Duncan (Access Property Management) 

    “Domestic violence affects everyone, whether it be personal and close to heart or someone you know! To be a part of the Ride Against Domestic Violence, knowing it may help even one person, is an honour and privilege. Riding a bike from A to B is the easy part, considering what many who are affected by domestic violence experience.”  

    Sarah Mahony (Safety Bay Settlements) 

    “Riding in support to raise awareness of domestic violence and how it is sometimes such a silent issue as it goes on behind closed doors. It is so important that victims know that there are ways to escape and it is vital that there is funding to the incredible organisations that offer the support needed. All victims need to feel safe and know that there is a way out of the horrible situation they may be facing with a network of people that can help and assist get their life back on track and be heard.” 

    It’s not too late to donate 

    There is still time to support this worthy cause.  

    Simply head to radv.com.au and click the ‘DONATE NOW’ button in the top right-hand corner to make an online donation.  

    More information 

    REIWA has been a long-time advocate for protecting victims of domestic violence.  

    Find out more information about the role REIWA played in helping pass the Residential Tenancies Act (Family Violence) Amendment Bill 2018: