• REIWA’s Community REInvest to help those impacted from the bushfires



    Australia has recently seen some of the most dangerous and catastrophic bushfires over the last couple of months, with the bushfire disaster continuing in many areas across the nation.

    As the number of people impacted continues to rapidly grow, the Salvation Army launched their Disaster Appeal to help support communities affected by devastating bushfires.

    Well into the fourth month of bushfires across the country, the Salvos have:

    • 3,000+ volunteers working between four to eight-hour shifts to support their efforts.
    • Served over 123,000 meals and 112,000 light refreshments.
    • Been called out to 135 official operations.
    • Served at over 160 evacuation centres.

    While the Salvos are currently providing these services in impacted areas, further on-going assistance will be needed as towns head into the recovery phase.

    To support the Salvo’s and those impacted by the bushfires, any donations that are made to REIWA’s Community REInvest program will now be going direct to the Disaster Appeal.

    If you can, please donate to the Community REInvest page on The Salvation Army’s website.

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