• REIWA and Signifi Media partner to launch new online advertising product – reiwa.com Xtend


    REIWA and Signifi Media have partnered to launch reiwa.com Xtend, a new reiwa.com product offering which gives REIWA real estate agents an innovative way of advertising their client’s listings.

    REIWA CEO Neville Pozzi said reiwa.com Xtend allows agents to advertise their client’s reiwa.com property listing beyond the website portal, targeting relevant buyers and tenants across social, native and programmatic channels.

    “We have been working with Signifi Media since 2017 to develop this product and are delighted to be able to offer our members a new and innovative way of advertising client listings.

    “With a click of a button, REIWA agents who use reiwa.com Xtend can automatically boost their reiwa.com property listings across thousands of different websites, getting it back in front of people who are actively searching for properties in the area,” Mr Pozzi said.

    Co-founders of Signifi Media, Managing Director Nick Sertis and Director Matt Cahill, said REIWA realised there was an opportunity to re-engage buyers and tenants beyond their reiwa.com site visits using their first party data and offering this service to their real estate agent network.

    reiwa.com Xtend was built on the back of our dynamic creative and ad-automation platform to allow for reiwa.com to extend their listing advertisements off-network and at scale. We do this via our middleware system that can scale to thousands of campaigns, created in minutes rather than days,” they said.

    Benefits of reiwa.com Xtend include:

    • reiwa.com listings can now be displayed to prospective buyers and tenants wherever they spend the majority of their time online e.g. Facebook, Instagram, news sites and other digital channels.
    • Improved audience scale through automatic programmatic advertising.
    • Real estate agents can now increase their targeting accuracy off-network, resulting in increased interest and enquiries.

    Vendors using a REIWA agent to sell or lease their property on reiwa.com are encouraged to enquire with their agent about how reiwa.com Xtend can benefit them.