• Perth Market Snapshot for the week ending 27 May 2018


    Sales activity in Perth increased five per cent over the week, with 528 reported transactions.

    This week’s increase in sales can be attributed to a nine per cent increase in house sales and a two per cent increase in vacant land sales. Unit sales declined 14 per cent over the week.

    Listings for sale

    There were 14,985 properties for sale in Perth this week.

    Listings for houses decreased by one per cent, listings for units increased by two per cent and listings for vacant land increased by one per cent.

    This week’s total listings figure is similar to levels recorded four weeks ago and the same time last year.

    Perth rental market

    REIWA members reported there were 8,179 vacant rentals in Perth over the week.

    This figure is four per cent lower than four weeks ago and 24 per cent lower than the same time last year.

    Take a look at the breakdown of the past week.

    Perth Weekly Sales & Rental Figures Snapshot|27 May 2018

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