• More than 19,000 calls placed to REIWA Info Service Line this year


    Author: REIWA President Damian Collins

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    For many West Australians, navigating real estate transactions can be very daunting. It is a complex process and many people are unsure about what their individual rights and responsibilities are.

    In 1982, REIWA launched a public information service to assist buyers, sellers, tenants and rental providers with their property journeys. This valuable service allows the WA public dealing with a REIWA agent to find answers to their real estate queries and concerns.

    As the WA market has strengthened this last year, the REIWA Information Service has seen call volumes increase.

    Between 1 January and 1 October, more than 19,000 calls have been placed to the REIWA Information Service. During these calls, West Aussies sought clarification and assistance from the Institute on a range of real estate matters.

    Residential property management remains the most common topic

    Residential property management was once again the most common topic, with 68 per cent of all phone calls from tenants and property investors. The remaining 32 per cent of calls have generally related to residential sales.

    When it comes to WA tenants, they most commonly call REIWA to discuss rent increases, terminations, the rental shortage and to ask questions about the condition of the property at the end of a lease.

    Property investors, on the other hand, most commonly call to seek information about a tenant’s obligation to pay rent, to find out how the court system works in order to claim damages and to clarify their obligations around abandoned goods.

    Residential sales calls

    Looking at the calls relating to residential sales, buyers who call, generally do so to get information about pre-purchase building inspections, to understand their obligation to obtain finance approval and to clarify their rights for the pre-settlement inspection.

    WA sellers most frequently ring to ask about the settlement process, satisfying contractual conditions and to discuss buyer requests which are not addressed in the contract for sale.

    When you call the REIWA Information Service, you are given direct access to local property experts who can educate you on areas you’re unsure about and help resolve any tricky property matters you might be facing.

    More information

    If there is an aspect of your real estate journey that you are unsure of or need more information about, reach out to your REIWA agent or contact the REIWA Information Service on 9380 8200 for assistance.