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    Home Open Planner Is Now Open For Inspection | REIWA

    Home opens are a most common way for you to inspect a property and truly get a sense of if you can feel yourself living there.  

    With over 14,000 listings on reiwa.com, there are literally thousands of options to choose from, which is why keeping track of your upcoming home opens can be a stressful and overwhelming process.  

    To help make this part of your real estate journey as easy and convenient as possible, the new home open planner on the reiwa.com app is the ultimate tool to help you plan ahead.   

    How does it work? 

    Firstly, download the reiwa.com app and conduct a search. Make sure to fill in all your desired criteria including preferred suburbs, number of bedrooms, carparks, etc, which will help narrow down your search. 

    Once you have found a property you are interested in viewing, under the ‘home open times’ heading there is an option to add this to the planner. 

    From here head to the home open planner located under the ‘Me’ section in the main toolbar. The plan view will open, showing all your chosen properties including its features. 

    The best part is that from here you can share your upcoming plan to others through various sharing apps. 

    Map your route 

    For those who are time poor and want a simple way to see if they can fit all the home opens into one day, including travel time, the map view is for you.  

    Starting from your current location, the map view will show your selected properties in order of their home open time. It also links with your selected map app, which provides you with directions on how to get to each property.  

    More information  

    Property is an important part of all our lives. The reiwa.com app ensures West Australians have everything they need to find their next property right at their fingertips.  

    Find out more about the reiwa.com app

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