• Got a real estate query? The REIWA Information Service can help


    Author: REIWA President Damian Collins

    For many West Australians, understanding their individual rights and responsibilities when dealing with property issues can be challenging. Real estate matters are often complex and it can be helpful to speak to an expert in the field who can help you with your query.

    To help West Australian buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords navigate their property journeys, REIWA launched a public information service in 1992. This valuable service allows members of the WA public dealing with a REIWA agent to find answers to their real estate queries and concerns.

    Last year, more than 20,000 phone calls were placed to the REIWA Information Service, with West Australians seeking clarification and assistance from the Institute on a wide range of real estate matters.

    Although property transactions in WA have slowed in recent years, the REIWA Information Service has seen call volumes increase. Questions relating to rentals and property management continue to be the most common topic the public ring about, with 66 per cent of all phone calls in 2018 received from tenants and landlords. The remaining 34 per cent of calls were generally related to residential sales.

    When it comes to tenants, they most commonly call REIWA to discuss the early termination of their rental lease. They also want to know what rights their landlords have to enter their property while tenanted and what rights they have with regards to repairs and maintenance.

    Landlords, on the other hand, most commonly call to seek information on a tenant’s obligation to pay rent, to find out how the court system works in order to claim damages and to clarify their rights around abandoned goods.

    In the residential sales market, buyers who call the REIWA Information Service generally do so to get information about their obligation to obtain finance approval within a period of time. They also commonly call to clarify their rights for the pre-settlement inspection. While WA sellers most frequently ring to find out about the settlement process, satisfying contractual conditions and to discuss buyer requests which are not addressed in the contract for sale.

    The REIWA Information Service team is comprised of two full time staff members and 70 local REIWA real estate agents who give three hours of their time every few months on a voluntary basis.

    When you call up, you are given direct access to these local property experts who can educate you on areas you’re unsure about and help resolve any tricky property matters you might be facing.

    If you are dealing with a REIWA agent and have a real estate query you want answered, I’d highly recommend contacting the REIWA Information Service on 9380 8200 for assistance.