• Fair Work Commission asked to vary award to keep real estate agents employed


    Author: Real Estate Institute or Australia

    Fair Work Commission Asked To Vary Award To Keep Real Estate Agents Employed | REIWA

    The REIA, on behalf of the state and territory Real Estate Institutes, has made a submission to the Fair Work Commission to vary the Real Estate Industry Award 2020 in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to keep as many real estate sales people employed as possible.

    REIA President Adrian Kelly said currently the Award requires that an agent makes the Minimum Income Threshold Amount (MITA) of at least $54,500 per annum, for the previous three years before they can be employed on a commission only basis.

    “REIA has requested that the Fair Work Commission agree to a halving of the MITA in the current circumstances to keep as many of these agents employed as possible," Mr Kelly said.

    “If this isn’t agreed to, with the certainty of decreased sales activity, these agents are at risk of being stood down as agencies struggle to stay open as long as they can.

    “Feedback REIA has had from its member state and territory Real Estate Institutes, suggests that these agents would prefer to have the opportunity to continue to work.

    “In response to this situation REIA proposes that the current MITA provisions of the Award be changed to 50 per cent of those currently in place for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

    “This is an approach that encapsulates the spirit and intent of the government’s initiatives of sharing the burden."

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