• Energy-saving hacks when you’re on the move


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    Energy-Saving Hacks When You’re On The Move|REIWA

    Whether you’re moving because you need more room for your growing family, you’re downsizing, or you’ve decided to rent your own place for the first time, it’s worth investing some time to think about how you will be using energy differently in your new home and what that means for your energy bills.  

    According to Synergy’s New Energy Manager Krystal Skinner, there are some simple ways to streamline the moving process when it comes to your electricity. Here are her to tips to consider for your next move. 

    Choose energy efficient appliances

    This could be the best time to let your old appliances retire and to invest in a new dishwasher, washing machine or dryer but we recommend that do your homework before you move.

    Choosing the most energy-efficient option to suit your budget might cost you more upfront but reduce your energy usage over the long-term, which can make a difference to the electricity bills for your new house. 

    You can search Synergy Energy Tool to discover how your major appliances impact your bill.

    Create your own new home hacks

    Starting afresh in a new home is a great time to adopt more energy-efficient habits. 

    You probably want to have as much money to spend on any upgrades, furniture and décor as possible.

    As you get familiar with your new surroundings, you can work out ways to keep the space cool or warm, depending on the season. 

    People sometimes find their first bill is higher in a new home as they get used to how things work, so it’s worth factoring some energy-efficient habits in early.

    Embrace your new lifestyle

    Every house uses electricity in different ways, so start by working out what’s different in your new home. 

    If it’s the first time you’ve owned a pool, make sure you know how often the manufacturer recommends you need to run the filter and cleaner to ensure you don't use more electricity than needed. 

    Similarly, if you’re moving into a home with ducted reverse-cycle air-conditioning, make sure you learn how to use the timer and thermostat on your new system.

    Consider solar for your new home

    In Western Australia we experience around 300 days of sunshine each year. 

    If your new home doesn’t have solar panels, your move could be the perfect time to factor in a new solar system and if solar will work for you.

    As everyone’s needs are different, we recommend that you speak to a solar expert like the Synergy SolarReturn team to find the best fit for you, your home and your future.

    Don’t leave things to the last minute

    The good news is that you don’t need to wait until moving day to organise closing your Synergy account for the home you’re leaving and setting one up at your new home.  

    If the previous tenant has closed their account for your new address, you can create, close or transfer your electricity connection online. 

    The process is simple to complete and all you need to have is your moving date, old and new address and a copy of your bill or My Account log in details handy.

    Discover how easy it is.



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