• Community REInvest program is knocking on digital doors


    Community REInvest Program Is Knocking On Digital Doors | REIWA

    With unemployment numbers having increased by 600,000 nationwide due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there are many turning to The Salvation Army for support, some who have never needed to before. Those most vulnerable are experiencing unemployment, domestic violence and homelessness. 

    Since 2013, REIWA and its members have been proud supporters of the Salvos through the Community REInvest program and to date have donated over $800,000 to help those who are in need, particularly the homeless.  

    In previous years throughout May and June, REIWA has run the Sleeping Bag Appeal, which aimed to bring comfort to the homeless on WA streets by collecting warm sleeping bags and blankets. However, this year REIWA along with the Salvos will be approaching the Appeal in a new way. 

    Digital Doorknock 

    After more than 55 years of knocking on doors each May, the charity will take its doorknocking online in response to COVID-19 restrictions and REIWA will be joining them. 

    REIWA CEO Neville Pozzi said housing is an important aspect of our community and during the coronavirus pandemic it is even more vital than before. 

    “While we may not be able to run our regular Sleeping Bag Appeal, we will be going online and asking both our members and the public to help show their support for those in need,” Mr Pozzi said. 

    How to participate 

    There are a few ways in which you can help. From now until the 30 June, you can donate, even the smallest amount, to the REIWA fundraising page.  

    Alternatively, you can start your own fundraiser by knocking on your friends’ and family’s digital doors. This includes sharing your fundraiser through social media, text messages and even Whatsapp! 

    “During this difficult time, many who would have donated previously are now struggling themselves, which is why every little amount counts,” Mr Pozzi said.  

    More information 

    West Australians who would like to be a part of the real estate industry’s support of the Red Shield Appeal can contribute to REIWA’s fundraising page. 

    To find out more about REIWA’s partnership with The Salvation Army and the REIWA agents who support it directly, visit reiwa.com’s In the Community page. 

    Together let’s transform lives by digging deep and getting behind The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal Digital Doorknock, to leave no one in need.