• Commit to helping end homelessness while buying and selling property


    Commit To Helping End Homelessness While Buying And Selling Property | REIWA

    According to the 2016 Census, there are 116,000 people who are sleeping homeless every night across Australia, with another 1.5 million people who are living in housing stress.

    While there are many ways you can help, including supporting REIWA’s Community REInvest program, did you know you can also donate 0.1 per cent of the sale price of your home towards helping those in need?

    Homes for Homes

    Homes for Homes invite residential and commercial property owners to take part in a social initiative that will help to end homelessness. It’s a simple promise, that when a home sells, 0.1 per cent of the sale price will be donated to Homes for Homes.

    Homes for Homes pool donations from West Australian sales, with the funds granted to community housing providers who create social and affordable housing for those in need.

    For example, for a $750,000 home that is a donation of $750, which is tax deductible.

    How does it work?

    1. Homes registered

    When a property is registered with Homes for Homes, they will add a caveat to the title as a reminder of your promise to donate when you decide to sell.

    2. Properties sold

    When the property is sold, it remains registered with Homes for Homes, giving the new owner the opportunity to donate when they sell in future.

    3. Funds donated

    Through the settlement disbursement process, a tax deductible donation of 0.1 per cent of the sale price is made to Homes for Homes.

    4. Money granted

    Donations from WA sales are pooled and granted to WA housing providers. 

    5. Homes built

    The money raised through Homes for Homes is used to build social and affordable housing to help end homelessness.

    More information

    To register with Homes for Homes, or to find out where your donation will go, view the Homes for Homes website.

    Are you interesting in learning more about REIWA’s Community REInvest program? View our In the community page.