• Can a family squeeze into an apartment?


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    Apartment living is becoming an increasingly popular option for West Australians, but are apartments practical for a family?

    While we usually associate apartments with single occupants and young or retired couples, some families are choosing to downsize rather than upsize into big family houses.

    Choosing to move your family into an apartment can depend on a number of things, like the number of children in your family, their ages and your lifestyle needs as a family. It might seem far-fetched to squeeze three young children into a two or three bedroom apartment and it might not be so practical for your family.

    However there are more and more families who are defying the odds and living quite comfortably in an apartment – be that with their young children or older children. If you are a family with more than one child, you can make it work if you consider bunk beds and are useful with how you utilise the space.

    Generally speaking, it is assumed that apartment living is more suitable for families with older aged children who are in school or university and are independent enough to venture out of the apartment by themselves, however families with younger children are also exploring the advantageous of apartment living.

    Here are a number of benefits to apartment living that families are choosing to take advantage of:

    • Affordability

    Whether you are renting or buying, it is generally cheaper to live in an apartment than a house, simply because of its size. Apartment living can also be much more cost effective when it comes to maintenance and bills. Gas and electricity bills are considerably lower when you are heating or cooling a smaller area. Living in a larger house means you have to maintain things like your garden or roof and gutters, which is not something apartment occupants have to deal with.

    • Location and lifestyle

    Apartments are usually closer to city centres than larger blocks of land, meaning you are in closer proximity to the hustle of the energetic city lifestyle. Being closer to work, shops, public transport and attraction centres like Elizabeth Quay or Perth Zoo makes for an easy family outing which means you are more likely to get out of the apartment.

    Having the kids cooped up inside an apartment will also trigger your inner active parent, and being just a hop, skip and jump away from so many amenities makes it easier to take them out and about.

    Apartment blocks are a very social way of life, being very close to neighbours, it is easy to fall right into the community, which is a bonus for the kids to get to know other kids in the area.

    • Safety

    There are also many security benefits that parents find very comforting when living in an apartment block. There are usually several layers of entry which require a key or code to get in, plus there is sometimes surveillance cameras and a foyer. This all acts as a deterrent for thieves trying to break into an apartment with so much security, making families feel at ease in their home and safe with their kids.

    So, if you are considering moving your family into an apartment, how do you fit them in? Here are some tips for making the most out of your apartment space:

    • Have one dining area

    Apartments generally have an alfresco or balcony area that makes up the largest area in the entire apartment. You can save space inside by making your dining area outside and you can use the inside living space as the lounge room, giving you more space for activities. During the colder months, there are options to make your alfresco/balcony area warm and cosy, like shutters or an outside heater.

    • Storage

    Moving an entire family into an apartment means you may need to get creative with storage solutions to avoid the place looking messy and crammed. Make use of the height of the apartment and any available wall space for de-cluttering. Instead of filling up the floor with bulky cabinets and units, try maximising the unused space with overhead cabinets, collapsible tables and storage units.

    • Learn to love minimalism

    Minimalism and apartments go hand in hand. By embracing minimalist living, you’ll be able to make the most out of the space you have – and it looks trendy! Especially when it comes to decorating your apartment, this way of living can help. Mirrors, lights and a few statement pieces will make the space feel larger than it is while also adding style to your home.

    So is it practical for families to live in an apartment? It is definitely possible for a family to squeeze into an apartment - in fact, not just ‘squeeze in’, but live comfortably, and many families are getting on board with this new way of life. 

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