• Amendments to City of Fremantle’s Local Planning Scheme a positive step for housing diversity


    REIWA commends the McGowan Government on its decision to approve the City of Fremantle’s amendments to its Local Planning Scheme to enable greater housing choice.

    The approval of Amendment 63 will allow for increased medium density housing within special control areas in Beaconsfield, Fremantle, Hilton North, O'Connor, and White Gum Valley, enhancing liveability and affordability while preserving the character of these suburban areas.

    REIWA President Damian Collins said this was a positive step in the right direction for Fremantle, one that would go a long way in helping to address the issues of housing affordability and diversity in the area.

    “The City of Fremantle should be congratulated for their innovative approach towards embracing the missing middle. These amendments showcase how medium density housing can be applied effectively in well-established suburbs, without negatively impacting on the suburb’s character, charm and appeal.

    “Density it a hot topic that is currently being debated across multiple local governments, most notably in Nedlands and Subiaco. The City of Fremantle have provided a great example of how council and community can come together to provide more diverse housing to accommodate its growing population, while retaining the vibrancy and qualities that make these suburbs so desirable.

    “The issue of housing affordability and diversity in WA remains pertinent and a coordinated approach from all levels of government is required to be able to address this,” Mr Collins said.

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