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    Peak body for WA real estate since 1918

    In 1907, a dedicated group of Perth real estate agents gathered to form an industry association to represent them. This proved a challenging undertaking and it wasn’t until 20 December 1918 that the association was established under the name ‘Auctioneers', Land & Estate Agents' Association of Western Australia’.

    These agents had a very clear directive; to position their members as professional and reputable business people within the Western Australian community.

    On 26 October 1944, the association changed its name to the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (Inc) and ‘the Institute’ as we know it today was born.

    Fast forward 100 years and while much has changed, our core mission remains the same – REIWA still exists to help everyone win in WA real estate.

    REIWA’s centenary

    REIWA’s centenary was celebrated in 2018. It was a major milestone in the Institute’s history and to acknowledge this we had a number of activities planned including a public exhibition. 

    The exhibition, in partnership with the State Library of Western Australia, ran from March to May 2018. This exhibition not only showcased the movement of WA real estate and REIWA, but also demonstrated how it has grown and positively influenced our state.

    REIWA historical membership

    A prize possession in the REIWA archive is a membership register of the Institute that spans three decades from 1931 to 1960.

    This item was restored and conserved in 2016 by the State Library of Western Australia. It was also digitised when the restoration was complete.

    The digitised version can be viewed for historical purposes with the original residing at the Institute in an appropriate archival manner.

    View the REIWA membership register.

    REIWA's evolution

    In the many years that have passed since 1918, REIWA has evolved into a respected and trusted authority on all things real estate in WA.

    We represent more than 1,100 member agencies and 90 per cent of operating agents in WA, providing them with a range of products, services, advice and information to help market and manage their business.

    This support, in turn, benefits the wider real estate community who use the services of REIWA agents.

    REIWA’s Past Presidents

    Every year the current REIWA President invites all surviving Past Presidents to a board room lunch. It is a much anticipated and enjoyable gathering where former leaders of the Institute share stories and fellowship.

    The names of all REIWA’s Past Presidents are displayed in a permanent installation at the Institute.

    View the full list of REIWA’s Past Presidents.

    Life members

    A REIWA Life member is an Ordinary member who has provided long, continuous and outstanding meritorious service to the Institute.

    Life membership can only be bestowed by resolution of the REIWA Council.

    View the full list of REIWA's Life members.

    Kevin Sullivan Memorial Award recipients

    REIWA’s Kevin Sullivan Memorial Award is the highest honour the Institute can bestow upon an individual and is solely nominated and decided upon by REIWA Council.

    The award was established by the Institute in 1989 and recognises a particularly outstanding contribution by an individual to the WA real estate profession over an extended period. 

    Read more about REIWA's Kevin Sullivan Memorial Award recipients