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    REIWA has taken feedback from REIWA members on the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) process into account in the submission to advocate for effectiveness and flexibility in the DAP system.

    The submission outlines the frustrations felt by REIWA agents of appealing or re-lodging rejected applications due to minor discrepancies. Both options are not ideal as they increase costs, delay project start times and clog the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) and DAPs.

    The Institute recommends a more flexible approach where the DAP conditionally approves the applications, subject to minor amendments being satisfied by the local council. Alternatively, the application could be deferred, so both parties can focus on the amendments required and not the whole application.

    Latest update

    In the middle of 2015, REIWA's CEO, Neville Pozzi, and Past President Rob Druitt appeared before the parliamentary inquiry into the effectiveness of the DAP process and regulations.

    The final report of the Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review was released in September 2015. The final report references evidence provided by REIWA. 

    View final report.