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Property & Houses for Sale in Shelley

Suburb Profile


MED.PRICE $880,000

Shelley is a small suburb within the City of Canning with a total land area of two square kilometres. Its population sits at approximately 4,380 people, a result of a rapid growth period during the 1960s and 1970s followed by gradual increases from the mid 1990s. Just 10 kilometres from Perth, Shelley is bound by the Canning River in the north and east and Leach Highway in the south.

Life in Shelley

Residents of Shelley are predominantly serviced by amenities from commercial establishments in surrounding neighbourhoods. Within Shelley's boundaries are a beach and a number of parks, as well as the Shelley Hub Shopping Centre, which takes care of the immediate shopping requirements of residents in the area. There is one local primary school in Shelley.

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