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Property & Houses for Sale in Ocean Reef

Suburb Profile

Ocean Reef

GROWTH -1.5%
MED.PRICE $775,000
Ocean Reef

As its namesake would suggest, Ocean Reef is a coastal suburb. Bound to the west by the Indian Ocean, the outer-northern suburbs five square kilometre land area is dominated by homes and parkland. Ocean Reef's history of establishment is relatively recent with its primary development occurring in the 1980s. Growth continued until the 1990s and has remained relatively stable ever since.

Life in Ocean Reef

Walkways, parks and the beach enable Ocean Reef's enviable and relaxed lifestyle with plenty of public open spaces further contributing to this. The Beaumaris City Shopping Centre and Ocean Reef Shopping Centre meet the retail and amenity requirements of locals, and there is also a local boat harbour. There are three local primary schools and two local high schools within Ocean Reef.

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