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  • 2017 State Election campaign

    In the lead up to the State Election on 11 March, REIWA is campaigning for four key policy reforms to help address housing affordability and stimulate market activity to help drive growth.

    Our campaign, which will be rolled out over three weeks, identifies four key priority reform areas:

    • No increases to state property taxes.
    • Abolish land tax aggregation rules.
    • Transfer duty exemption for “right sizing”.
    • Transfer duty concession for off-the-plan transactions.

    We are seeking a commitment from all political parties to help address these issues.

    Each week, we will release accompanying fact sheets to support our key positions and demonstrate the benefits these policy reforms would have for the wider WA community.

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    Week three: Transfer duty concession for off-the-plan transactions

    Our final campaign policy reform calls for a transfer duty concession for off-the-plan transactions.

    Apartments that are sold off-the-plan are liable for transfer duty on the full sale price of the dwelling. In contrast, house and land packages are typically only assessed on the land component for transfer duty. This places an unfair financial burden on the buyers of off-the-plan properties and is restricting the full sales potential of the apartment market

    REIWA is proposing political parties commit to a 50 per cent concession on transfer duty for all off-the-plan apartment purchases.

    Week three policy fact sheet

    Week two: Transfer duty exemptions for "right sizing"

    Our third campaign policy calls on political leaders to commit to legislating a transfer duty exemption for seniors aged over 60 on their primary residence (not investment properties) to enable "right sizing".

    High transaction costs, such as transfer duty, deters seniors from moving from their existing dwellings, which are usually larger sized houses, to “right sizing” into more suitable dwellings that meet their changing needs.

    Week two policy fact sheet

    We were thrilled to hear the WA Liberal Government commit to a transfer duty concession for seniors over 65 if re-elected, and call on Mark McGowan and the WA Labor Party to do the same. 

    Watch the WA Liberal Government's official announcement

    Week one: No increases to state property taxes and abolish land tax aggregation rules

    Our first campaign policy is to ensure there are no increases to state property taxes as a means to address the revenue shortfalls facing the state.

    In addition, we are proposing land tax aggregation rules be abolished as they unfairly penalise investors from holding multiple properties. These aggregation rules have the potential to impact the WA property market by softening buyer activity levels in commercial and residential markets.

    Week one policy fact sheets