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Currently displaying definitions for words starting with - B

Barge Board
The board covering the face of the roof timbers on the gable or skillion end of a building.
Base Board
A finishing piece of material carried around the bottom of interior walls which conceals the base of the wall where it meets the floor. Also known as skirting board.
Narrow strips of timber mainly used for flooring and hanging roof tiles.
A principal load-supporting member of a building; amy be of timber, steel or concrete.
Timbers spanning from pier to pier and carrying the floor joists.
Bearing Wall
A wall which supports a part of a building, usually a floor or roof above it.
An offer to buy at a given or stated price a thing which is bing sold by auction.
Blighted Area
An area or district characterised by deterioration or deteriorated building and/or environment deficiencies, such as land used mixture sufficient to affect desirability adversely.
A working plan used on a construction job by tradesmen. A copy of a plan.
Body Corporate
Under the latest type of legislation relating to Villas, Town Houses, Flats and Home Units, the control and administration of common property is vested in a statutory Body Corporate which comes into existence automatically on the registration of the plan, and to which the provisions of the Companies Act do not apply. The registered proprietors of the units are the members and the only members of the Body Corporate. The rights and obligations are fixed by scheduled by-laws. Easements for the protection and enjoyment of the units and common property are also provided for. The name also applies to share holders in Units under Company Title.
Bona Fide
In good faith, honestly, without fraud, collusion or participation in wrongdoing.
Deposit to assure performance, usually of a lease. It is paid as an assurance that the tenant will not breach the conditions of tenancy and upon vacating will leave the premises in a state of good repair and order.
(i) The binding of a person under Bond eg Fidelity Bond. (ii) The method of laying bricks whereby the overlapping or bond is provided for by arranging the bricks as that in any one course there shall be none of the vertical joints directly over the vertical joints in the course next underneath. The type most commonly used in Australia is stretcher bond, which comprises bricks placed with their lengths in the direction of the length of the wall.
Box Drain
A drain with a flat top and bottom and upright sides.
Box Gutter
A roof gutter consisting of a horizontal trough of wood construction lined with galvanised iron, tin, or copper to make it watertight.
Boxed Eaves
Eaves in which the spaces between the rafter ends the walls are enclosed by boarding or sheet materials fixed horizontally to the underside of suitable members.
Breach of Contract
The breaking of the obligation which a contract imposes.
Breeze Way
A covered porch or passage open on two sides connecting house and garage or two parts of the house.
Building Alignment
A line a specified distance back from the boundary of the property. That line being specified to identify an area within which buildings are prohibited and therefore has the effect of requiring all buildings (usually with the exception of fences) to be set back that specified distance from the boundary.
Buying Commission
The sum of money paid to an Agent by a purchaser where the Agent is appointed to find a specific property eg Industrial, Commercial, Rural and in some cases Residential properties. Appointments of this type in some States are made in writing pursuant to the relevant Act in order to be enforceable at law.

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