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Why join REIWA?

If you are a licensed real estate agent you can become a REIWA Member.

As a member of REIWA, you will enjoy a whole host of services and resources that will help you and your business to succeed. You will also have an industry voice to speak out for you on all the issues which affect the sector and the consumers which use it.

REIWA has a trusted and established reputation and being a member means that you too can share in this, giving your buyers, sellers and tenants confidence in your professionalism and your commitment to good business practices.

Two of the most popular benefits of being a REIWA member are the opportunity to list properties on and the ability to use the many documents and forms needed in property transactions, such as the familiar Offer and Acceptance form, which is owned by REIWA.

But there are many, many more benefits, including web page development, use of the National Tenancy Database, photography, printing, Market Updates, Pricefinder data, insurance, Superannuation, fleet discounts, agency advice, legal hotline, awards program, access to the latest property data, social events and more!

REIWA is a not-for-profit organisation, which means that all monies raised through membership fees and the purchase of services and resources are ploughed back into the Institute to help it grow for the benefit of the members who own it .

As a member you can also get involved in your local branch or network, which serve as information sessions and friendly get-togethers for other real estate professionals in your location or area of expertise.

If you are not a licensed real estate agent but work for a member agency as a sales consultant or property manager, then you may be eligible to join REIWA as an Associate Member. This will provide you with access to services and means you have the benefit of promoting yourself to your clients as a REIWA Member.

Any questions?

If you’d like to know more about being a member or associate member, please contact Leanne in our membership office and she will be very happy to chat to you.

Leanne Stokes, REIWA Membership Officer:
Perth: 08 9380 8240