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REIWA Council

REIWA is the peak body for the real estate profession. It represents the interests of its members and the consumers who use REIWA agents in property transactions.

REIWA has a CEO and small team of senior staff. Together, these people oversee the day to day operations of the Institute and the many staff who make the services, resources, functions and advocacy possible. They are responsible for managing REIWA's Commercial Services, Agency Practice, Training, Communications, IT, Research and Finances.

Policy development and governance of the Institute, however, is determined by the elected Council. There are nine members on the Council who in turn elect the President and Deputy President from among their ranks.

One third of the Council is required to retire every three years and, should they wish, re-nominate for Council. Furthermore, any person who has been an Ordinary member of REIWA for more than three years prior to the election, may nominate for election to Council. All Ordinary and Life members are entitled to vote.

Council meets eight times per year and the Councillors and President use their expertise and experience to make decisions on the governance of the Institute, as well as the commercial direction of its assets and business units.

The current Council 2013-2014 are:


David Airey
Airey Real Estate

David was first elected as REIWA President in October 2011. He was subsequently re-elected REIWA President for a second two-year term at the October 2013 Council meeting.  

David has served on REIWA Council since 2003 and had been Deputy President since 2006. He was elected President of the Real Estate Institute of Australia from 2009 to 2011 and continues as a Director of REIA.

David is a licensed Real Estate & Business agent and Auctioneer and is well known in Perth's western suburbs with his family owned real estate agency based in Claremont.

David is a strong advocate of a free market environment for property professionals and believes that continuing professional training is essential, along with experience, honesty and high ethical standards that are critical for REIWA members to maintain.

Deputy President

Hayden Groves
Dethridge Groves Real Estate

Hayden has served on REIWA Council since 2010 and was elected Deputy President at the October 2013 Council meeting.  He owns and operates an independent agency in Fremantle, Dethridge Groves Real Estate (formally John Dethridge & Co.), and with a staff of 18 manages a rental portfolio of almost 420 properties. Hayden's company specialises in residential management and sales and consults to Landcorp.

Along with his triennial, Hayden holds an honours degree in politics, has studied law and is a licensed auctioneer. His current industry involvement includes:

•  Chairman of the Fremantle Branch since 2006
•  REEFWA President since 2011
•  Chairman Documents and Forms Committee
•  Public Enquiries duties since 2004
•  REIWA Council's representative on the Finance & Risk Management Committee

Hayden remains committed to genuine engagement with the membership to ensure REIWA maintains its momentum as WA’s peak real estate representative body.

Chair Finance & Risk Management Committee

Damian Collins
Momentum Wealth Property

Damian joined REIWA Council in October 2011 and was first elected Chair of the Finance & Risk Management Committee at the October 2012 meeting of REIWA Council. He was re-elected to this position at the October 2013 Council meeting.

Damian has worked in property for over 18 years and is passionate about the importance of property to our community and economy, and the imperative to improve and enhance the reputation of professionals in property.

Damian has a Bachelor of Business degree and is an accountant by profession. He still holds the qualification of chartered accountant and has post graduate qualifications in applied finance, financial planning and property.

Members of Damian’s team at Momentum Wealth are active participants in REIWA network committees and Damian is personally committed to serving REIWA with a view to enhancing and strengthening the real estate industry.


Ian Cornell
Michael Johnson & Co

Ian has served on REIWA Council since 2004 and served as Deputy President for the 2011-2012 Council year. He has over 30 years of hands-on agency practice experience at Professionals Michael Johnson & Co, Mt Lawley, Duncraig and, more recently, in Morley. He is a keen advocate of compulsory professional development for agents.

Ian believes that the greatest impediment to achieving the ‘great Australian dream’ sits squarely on the shoulders of state governments, in particular WA's very high rate of stamp duty, unfair land tax and the ‘insidious penalty on employment - payroll tax’.

Property management is an area Ian feels strongly about and he is keen to improve the profile, status and reputation of property managers both within REIWA and in the wider community.


Sarah Kinsey
Ray White Uxcel

Sarah was elected to serve as a REIWA councillor in September 2013. She is the principle of Ray White Uxcel in Morley, which has seen substantial growth in the last few years due to her amazing business mind, passion for real estate and determination to succeed.

Sarah successfully runs an office of more than 35 staff members, whose hard work and care for the local community has led to achieving numerous awards over the years, including 2nd place for ‘top office in Western Australia’ at the recent 2013 Ray White Half Yearly Awards.

Although Sarah no longer lists or sells properties, she has passed her experience and knowledge onto her sales consultants to ensure clients are always receiving the very best service and that optimum results are achieved.


Peter Lawrance
Avanti Residential

Peter began his career in rural real estate sales in 1980, and more recently focused on city residential sales as Principal and Director of Paxton Hoad.

Having been a Licensee since 1996, Peter is well aware of the many challenges faced daily “at the coalface” by people in the industry. He is passionate about the pursuit of excellence and professionalism with REIWA members.

Peter volunteered monthly on REIWA Public Enquiries for 10 years and currently serves on the Institute’s Arbitration and Mediation Board.

Peter was elected to REIWA Council in September 2012. Peter has been a licensed auctioneer for 29 years, Chair of the REIWA Auctioneering Network from 1999-2003, a REIWA Auction trainer from 2003 -2008 and a Judge in the Australasian Auctioneering Championships for nine years.

Peter lives in Subiaco with his wife, Carolena Boyd (also a real estate agent), and shares a ‘blended family’ of four adult children, three grandchildren and a much loved Corgi called Chloe. In 2012 Peter and Carolena launched Avanti Residential as their own agency.

As a REIWA Councillor, Peter is keen to “give back” to the industry he loves and to share his knowledge and expertise to help benefit members.


Brett Thorp
Thorp Realty

Brett joined REIWA Council in October 2011. He commenced his career in real estate as a sales consultant in 1993.  After completing an Advanced Certificate of Business (real estate) in 1999, Brett purchased the family real estate business and has owned and operated it ever since with a staff of 16.

Brett has been a REIWA member for 18 years and is currently Chair of the REIWA Goldfields/Esperance Branch.  He is also a long-standing member of the Landlink group and has served on its committee.

Brett is very keen to ensure that country members have access to professional development training and that the members of REIWA work together to provide a very professional and ethical service to the communities they operate in.


Krys Tully
Tully First National

Krys Tully was elected to REIWA Council in September 2012. She is the Principal of First National Real Estate Tully, having begun her career in real estate in 1986. Krys opened her first office in February 1989 in Bibra Lake, being one of the first female Principals to own and operate an office. Krys signed up as a REIWA member that year.

In 1995 Krys joined the nationwide network of First National and has been an active member serving on the WA Council for over 10 years. Firstly as a Council member then as Chair. Krys was also elected to the Board of First National, becoming the first woman from WA to hold that position.

For many years Krys was a volunteer with the Public Enquiries section at REIWA, a role she thoroughly enjoyed because it enable her to help members of the public understand the real estate process and appreciate the benefits of dealing with a REIWA member agency.

Krys brings to Council her experience of running a very successful office in the Southern suburbs of Perth consistently achieving excellent sales results. Krys is also proud of staff retention and has been a non-selling Principal in recent years in order to focus on her business.

Krys likes to motivate, train and guide staff to contribute to the successful running of a real estate office.


Joe White
JMW Real Estate

Joe was elected to REIWA Council for a three year term in September 2013, having previously served on Council from 2002 to 2004.

Joe has been the Principal Licensee of JMW Real Estate in Dunsborough and its forerunner White McMullen since 1996.

Joe has a business degree and has a particular interest and concerns with the housing supply and affordability framework plus the erosion of private property rights.

Are you interested in becoming a REIWA Councillor? CLICK HERE for more information.