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REIWA's Mission Statement and Origins

REIWA's Mission Statement

To ensure that REIWA members enjoy a reputation as highly professional real estate practitioners operating in a favorable business environment.

In particular, REIWA strives to ensure that:

The public knows the REIWA brand and understands the benefits of using a REIWA agent.
REIWA members understand the importance of professional conduct and customer service on the reputation of the industry.
REIWA sets the standard for professional conduct in real estate practice in Western Australia and that REIWA members are leaders in real estate practice.
REIWA enhance the experience of their customers, with REIWA members continually striving for excellence in all facets of real estate practice.
REIWA members understand the regulatory environment in which they operate and are committed to generating consumer confidence in the real estate transaction.
REIWA members operate in a regulatory and fiscal framework that is conducive to profitable and efficient real estate businesses.
REIWA members enjoy a range of cost competitive, innovate REIWA services that assist them to run efficient and profitable businesses.

REIWA's Origins

European settlement of Western Australia began under the stewardship of Captain James Stirling in 1829. Later, in the years leading up to World War I, the State experienced a period of gold rushes, land rushes, immigration and unprecedented growth.

The economy was booming and it was a time of tremendous opportunity. It was in this exciting environment that WA's first real estate agents hung out their shingles.

Of these, a dedicated group of sixteen believed it was important to create an industry association to establish them in the community as professional and ethical practitioners. To achieve this goal, on 10 September 1918, they created "The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia".

The inaugural President was Mr Eben Allen (pictured left), a pillar of the church and contemporary Perth society.

At the first official REIWA meeting, the founders discussed the need for writing a mission statement and determining objectives.

That was almost ninety years ago. Today, REIWA has almost 1000 member agencies, representing more than 80 per cent of operating agents in Western Australia. Modern meetings now cover such topics as the Internet, professional development programs, sales and marketing trends, changing demographics and family structures, future housing needs and finance products for home buyers.

But one thing hasn't changed. REIWA's integrity and credibility as a representative professional association. This remains based on the voluntary commitment of its members to the basic ideals and core principles set down by its founders all those years ago.

Through its various services, benefits and resources, REIWA is enhancing its established and trusted reputation and is helping WA real estate agents to become the most professional practitioners in Australia.